About Us

History and Background:

Kgalagadi Resources Development Company (Pty) Ltd. t/a Solar Power is the first and oldest private company dedicated to natural resource development in Botswana, in particular the tapping into the nation’s abundant and inexhaustible Solar Energy Resource. The company was incorporated in March 1976. It is 100% citizen owned, maintains healthy characteristics of an adaptable innovative entrepreneurial entity, with shareholders committed to the long-term consolidation of the competitiveness of this Botswana industry in extended world markets. The company has steadily pioneered the commercial introduction of solar water heating systems and solar photovoltaic systems to the southern African market starting in 1976. The company has grown steadily and against all odds through decades during which the entire world was slowly converting to the now increasingly widespread realisation that solar energy is one of a handful of technologies that are, simply put, vital to the quality of continued human existence on earth.

Kgalagadi Resources Development Company was instrumental in the adoption, as part of Botswana’s National Vision 2016,  of the National goal for Botswana to lead the way regionally and internationally as a center of excellence for the solar energy industry and to lead the way with mega-scale Solar Power electricity generation in Botswana.

We have grown from humble beginnings to currently being the largest dedicated manufacturer of solar water heating systems in southern Africa. The company also assembles and sells thousands of smaller distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) electrical systems.

Today the company is at an advanced stage of making Botswana the first in Southern Africa to deliver on large mega-scale solar power electricity generation.

Our Mission:

To promote public awareness and real tangible results from the fact that Botswana’s vast untapped “Diamond Mine” is our Sun, that is forever; and to use this resource for the development of the human family in a healthy and enhanced environment.

Social Responsibility:


Basic Education
Contributing toward Development of the children of Botswana

Since its establishment, Kgalagadi Resources Development Company – Solar Power, has been dedicated to mobilize the enterprising spirit latent in the people of Botswana to recognize and tap into our ultimate natural resource and source of wealth, the suns energy.

The company introduced solar energy utilization to communities in Kgalagadi villages as early as 1977. Today besides the thousands of Solar Water Heating systems that significantly reduce peak power loading on the national grid, the company has installed hundreds of solar powered electrification projects in rural villages in Botswana on facilities that enhance educational opportunities for Batswana.  Children have benefitted from our systems in school classrooms, rural reading rooms and health clinics all over the country, including in the communities of the San, the original inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert. This dedication to educational opportunity stems from our belief; “… the access to knowledge is the right of every human being, participation in its generation, application and diffusion is a responsibility that all must shoulder…”